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Casey Callahan

Founder, mistake-maker, risk-taker

Casey Callahan is a designer and videographer born and raised in Oklahoma, now living on a houseboat in Seattle, Washington. 

When she's not watching movie trailers or searching for the world's best breakfast taco, you can find her dipping her feet into the Puget Sound, eating peaches on top of mountains, or watching a killer Oklahoma sunset.

You can follow all her adventures on her instagram or checkout her website

Amanda Clark


Pr, burger queen, adventurer-seeker 

Amanda Clark is Travel Publicist and aspiring writer living in New York City's lower East Side with the rest of the broke and starving artists. 

When she's not knee-deep in reading travel magazines or listening to LANY on repeat, she's spends time devising a plan to move to the UK and sits in coffeeshops jotting down handwritten notes in her trusty moleskin journal.

She believes every person has a story to tell and this innate desire to be heard, known, and seen. Amanda longs to be the person who puts those stories to paper. 

Check out Amanda's adventures through her Instagram and website.

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