Timing is Everything

You’re holding all the people, things, and goals you care about most in your arms. Suddenly, it all becomes a bit too heavy. You set one thing down momentarily, then another one falls. Then you try to position everything back to where it was and you lose a few more. Now you’re just playing a juggling act of which things need to be held at what time.

So who the fuck wins in this? Definitely not you, and definitely not the people, things, and goals you’re holding onto so tightly.

Leave it up to something much more capable: Timing.

“Timing is everything”, repeated over and over in every movie, song, story, you name it. It’s an age old tale and the perfect advice for anyone and everyone under the sun.

So, what if timing is a cold bitch?

What if what you want, who you want, where you want to be is all right within your reach and the only thing in your way is timing? Why do we have to just accept that all the things we hold close could just fall right in front of us because an arrow on the clock is just a few seconds off?

Because… when you find peace with letting timing take the front seat, every piece moves where it needs to go, plans have room to grow, people heal, and everything falls apart in the best way possible.

I’m the first to tell you that timing and I will never be close. I will always fight timing. I’m fighting timing right now for pushing people away from me, for having me be so far and so close to where I want to be with my goals, and for making home seem even further away every day. It’s a balancing act. Because timing has also given me everything I have. Timing has given me room to step away from people and things that no longer grew me. It made me stronger than I actually wanted or was ready to be. It is the reason I moved where I moved and who I met when I was supposed to meet them.

I’m not telling you to let go of everything you’re holding or that you should give up your power to control things, but when you do need to let go of one or two things, trust that timing is going to catch the fall.

Into the unknownCasey Callahan