How to Re-Fall in Love With Your Side Hustle

 Photo by Miriam Subbiah

Photo by Miriam Subbiah

I woke up a few weeks ago with resentment weighing me down. It was a Saturday morning and I forced myself out of bed to work on Unknown Persists. And the truth is, I was bored and I was over it. I didn’t think my site was interesting and I didn’t even want to read it myself.

To anyone with a passion project/side hustle, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You look back at how damn giddy you were when you started this whole thing. And now you look at it with resentment. Resentment for it getting worse instead of better. Resentment for all the hours it has stolen from you. And lastly, resentment for turning your passion into work.

I started to look at this publication as a chore. I could easily put all the blame on the content or what the site started to turn into but to be honest, I’m the one that gave up. I stopped pouring my passion into it and it showed. You stop showing up for your project, it will stop showing up for you.

So from one side hustle to another, here’s my advice on re-falling in love with it:


1.     Stop holding on to what it’s supposed to be and release the beast

The comfort that comes with keeping everything contained is so attractive. It’s easy to get so focused on what you want your thing to be that you might actually push away opportunities that would make it 10x better for other people. It may be your side hustle, but it’s nothing without your audience that is constantly changing and craving more. See what happens when you do the exact opposite of what’s expected. You can throw that shit away or you can be surprised with how good it feels.

2.     Let the people who hate your project make you better

I’ve wasted so much time wondering how lame my stuff might look to others. Especially with something that makes me extremely vulnerable and hits so close to home. It’s like stuffing a closet full of all the shit in your mind, opening it up to the world, and trying to explain it without making anyone feel annoyed or embarrassed for you. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. You are never going to please everyone and you are never going to make everyone like your work. So replace that crappy feeling of insecurity for motivation to change their mind.

3.     Step away as much as possible

In my opinion, this one is the most important. If I spent every free moment outside of my job working on my side hustle, I would sink and without a doubt my work would sink, too. Your work is a direct result of how you treat yourself and I believe people notice when passion lacks. I also believe if you don’t live your life and you ignore what your health, body, and mind need, then your project will suffer along with you.

4.     Remind yourself why in the hell you decided to do this

This is a big one. Ignoring the purpose of my project is the entire reason I lost interest. Think of your project like a person (I know, bare with me). You have to show up for the people in your life and you have to show up for the things you put time and effort into. You stop showing up for your project, it will stop showing up for you.

5.     Write down 4-6 words you want your project to embody and see if it’s still matching that

I don’t even need to describe this one, just trust me.

6.     Don’t forget to have some fun

PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, TAKE THIS ADVICE! What is a side hustle even good for if you aren’t having fun?! You are putting hours of your time doing this (in most cases, for no reward). Never, ever let something that takes up that much time, not be enjoyable. And if you really can’t see yourself ever having fun doing it, then stop. doing. it. You are not quitting, you are not a failure. If it has stopped adding to your life, then you are courageous for walking away.