48 hours in Whidbey Island

Me and a few friends went to Whidbey Island for a weekend and yes - it's definitely possible to explore an entire Washington island in a 48 hours without missing a day of work. And yes, you should do it because it's amazing and fun and beautiful and great and it will make all your island dreams come true!
Below are our recommendations and advice to escape to island time.


Cruise through the Puget Sound on a ferry


Always love me a good ferry ride. I highly recommend braving the wind and standing out on the deck the whole time. Feels like you're in that scene of the titanic except without Jack getting all up on ya.

Airbnb on the water for maximum island time


We stayed in this one but airbnb has dozens close to the Puget Sound. Definitely try and get one on the water! Why not soak up every island opportunity?! Plus, you can find mussels and tide pools right in your backyard.

Be on top of the world at Ebey's Landing


Hands down, one of the coolest experiences I've done in Washington. You feel like you're in a different country and we saw an eagle soooo, do it.

Get tipsy at a local brewery or winery


Just to name a few wineries: Spoiled Dog Winery, Whidbey Island Winery, Dancing Fish Vineyards

Just to name a few breweries: Penn Cove Brewing Company, Naked City Brewing, Double Bluff Brewing

I mean.. puget sound and alcohol = yes

Get lost in the adorable town of Langley


If you want to feel like you're everyone's best friend and that life can solved with a baked good and a stop at the bookstore - then go here.

Eat all the food

Useless Bay Coffee Company

Knead and Feed

Toby's Tavern

The Braeburn

Yes. Just yes.

I recommend the breakfast sandwich at Useless Bay Coffee Company and if I liked seafood (I know, I'm the worst) then I'd highly, highly recommend Toby's Tavern.

Conquer your fear of heights at Deception Pass


This famous bridge is well-known for its epic views and height defying structure. and IT'S SO COOL.

Play with tide pools at Rosario Beach


I'm not here to pick favorites but... this is my favorite. It's a beach mixed with crazy cliffs and tide pools and beautiful views of the Sound.

Get fresh at the Bayview Farmers Market


Always a must in a small island town. I personally love the sign.

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