That One Time in Iceland

UGH. I don’t even want to describe this trip.

I’ve tried for hours to write how it felt to be there, what the scenery was like, and how unreal the road trip around the Golden Circle was.

But it just.. Kept. Feeling. Like. Bullshit.

No offense Iceland (you’re truly remarkable and without a doubt – you belong on a different planet) BUT I can guarantee if you google ‘Iceland travel’ you’ll find 5,000 other sites, videos, essays, etc. showing and saying the same thing: Iceland is fucking cool.

Now I’m not saying my Iceland feature below is any better or any worse or any more or less travel-y. But I’m not going to sit here and type up every stop we took and all my advice on how to travel there – because, in my opinion, the best part of being on this trip was that every second was so unpredictably beautiful. I would hate to mess up those moments for someone else because I felt the need to push my itinerary on them.

Take a step back, and let this country plan the trip for you.

I also won’t sit here and tell you how damn perfect everything was because HAH. So many things were messy and unplanned and organized in chaos.

I WILL, however, write down all the weird, wonderful, imperfectly perfect memories I experienced. Partly because I want to re-remind myself how happy those moments made me but also because the best part of being shoved in a camper van with 3 girls you’ve known since high school is that things get weeeeeeird.

Say hello to our fearless little dude - Olafarfoss. The camper vans of all camper vans that stuffed all 4 of us through glaciers and ocean and moss covered lava. By the end of this trip, our van was coated in black sand, chip crumbs, and probably a million other disgusting things that come with outfitting 4 unshowered ladies. I fell hard for this guy and still wonder what he's up to now.

If you have the opportunity to spend a day in a lukewarm/on the verge of cold natural pool surrounded by mountains - DO IT AND NEVER LOOK BACK. Best day of my life, swimming around topless, Icelandic beer in my hand, with girls that constantly make me laugh at how insane our surroundings are. Puts the biggest smile on my face just thinking about that day.

Not gonna lie, I couldn't even concentrate on this view because I've never actually felt wind so strong to the point where I thought my entire body was going to be lifted into the air. 

So. Yeah. We only ate chips the entire trip.

And I'm not exaggerating.

We. Only. Ate. Chips.

Our first night sleeping in the camper, we stopped at these falls and decided to just sleep with this view in front of us rather than keep moving on to the next spot.

Fuck guys, this is when I knew I was on a different planet.

Again, the wind dominated me during this view. 

Sitting in the backseat with Kel dancing and laughing next to me, with all our shit laid out on the floor. Most of the time we had no idea where anything was and it made me feel right at home.

This place made me feel the smallest I've ever felt.


I'm continually amazed by how unpredictable and unreal our great big world is. But this place... it was on a different level of unreal. It took my breathe away.

A guy from India was taking our picture here and when he asked us where we were from, he said "Ah! Oklahoma! Russell Westbrook!"

So I showed him my Russell Westbrook phone case and he got really excited which made me really excited.

Yeah this place was obviously pretty but it smelt like eggs so don't be fooled.

I'd say a good 68% of my pictures were me sneaking shots of my friends peeing. I'll save you all from that slideshow.

Most unreal place we camped that happened to have like 20 "NO CAMPING" signs. Oops.

Okay this was just cool. Mostly because these horses are chill as fuck.

Most photographed place in Iceland and I won't bullshit you - it was probably the least coolest place we went.

My favorite unpredictable moment. Could've laid there for hours.

Side note - the west coast of Iceland was my favorite part.

We stood behind a waterfall... I mean.. COME ON.

This picture is associated with a lot of moments for me.

Like waking up and eating semi-cooked oatmeal and lukewarm tea that has been stuffed in ziplock bags for days.

And meeting a couple from Brussels that have been married for 40 years and that have traveled all over the world together.

And watching these 3 girls from outside our little camper's window and thinking - damn I am the luckiest kid in the world to see this place with equally curious minds.

Now for the rest of the millions of pictures I took: