1 year later and I still know nothing

1 year ago I started Unknown Persists. A whole year of confusion, doubt, discovery, high highs, and low lows.

I started this series because my biggest fear is getting stuck. I had this vision of myself graduating and forgetting about my creativity and what’s important to me as a designer as I stepped out of school. I started it to keep myself in check when it came to creating videos and content that would matter to me. I started it for me but in the entirety of this year it’s become everything that I’m not. It’s reached out and seen the world through everyone else’s eyes in ways I never could.

Every single time I create, I write a post-it out of what the hell I’m doing it for. Is it for me? Is it for a greater good? Or is it because I’m burnt out and I want something, anything to spark something inside me?

The Unknown Persists has become so much more to me than I thought it would. And I won’t lie to you all, most of the time – I really hate it. I hate how much it runs through my brain at night, I hate that I wake up earlier than usual and pay for an expensive coffee just so I can motivate myself to create content and send emails, I hate that what I put into it, I rarely get back.

But then I get the occasional message from readers who tell me to keep going. Or I interview someone who is kickass and is actually doing something to make this world better. Or I get to experience the world through another’s eyes. And damn.. I fall back in love with it.

I see what this site has potential of doing and I see what I want it to be. I’m beyond impatient and I want it to be that now. But I know it has a long way to go and it’s going to be a constant grind. I know that a year from now, or 3 years from, or 10 – this series will grow and fail and rediscover itself constantly.

And I kind of can’t wait.

So I’m raising a giant, hearty glass to you - all the readers, all my friends, and my family that are making this worthwhile.

Telling your stories and letting you peak into mine has been so unbelievably cool.

I want Unknown Persists to be an open book and to constantly be growing, so if you’re reading this and you have any suggestions, love, hate, or want to throw an idea my way – PLEASE don’t hesitate to email us at unknownpersists@gmail.com

Header photo by Miriam Subbiah