EP. 8 Alexis Terrill

A few months ago, Alexis booked a solo trip to Yosemite after she received the news that someone close to her would no longer be with us. That his presence and energy would no longer be a part of her life. Yosemite has been a bucket list destination she’s had since she was 15 and a trip her friend always encouraged her to do.

I’ve known Alexis since we embarrassily made homemade videos in costumes where we invisioned imaginary worlds when we were young. She is driven, passionate, and most of all strong. Strong to remember someone she held so close through the world he admired so much. The world that inspired him.

This feature is dedicated to Simon Greiner, a deeply curious, adventurous, bold, and most of all loved person. Thank you for touching every person you met and leaving them with a sense of wonder and encouragement to be a part of something bigger than themselves. You are missed every day. 

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