Montana by Casey Callahan

Montana came at a perfect time for me - when my mind was foggy and overwhelmed and I kept holding on to things that held no purpose anymore. This state is a fresh of breath air, it is down-to-earth, and it has an unending landscape that reminds you to take a step back.

On my flight to Montana, I realized I forgot the camera I typically film with. I was frustrated and I let it get to me and probably took way too much energy being upset with myself. As a backup, I started filming on my 3 year old iPhone 5c and I realized that sometimes I get swept up in my own personal frustration with filming in the moment. I get angry when I don't get the right shot or if I feel like I missed out on an opportunity to film. But forgetting my camera on this trip was a blessing. It allowed me to step back and appreciate the moment I was in, all while remembering that filming has always been about the experience for me. About telling a story through the passion I have for these memories. If I can communicate that, then I've done something right.

All footage was shot on my crappy iPhone and music was provided by the lovely Leah Castillo (thanks Leah, for letting me put this on my video even though it was filmed randomly and right when we had just woken up)

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