My name is Casey.

I’m mistake-maker and a risk-taker.

I’m a full-time designer and illustrator born and raised in Oklahoma, now living on either a houseboat or a landhouse in Seattle, Washington.

When I’m not watching movie trailers or searching for the world's best breakfast taco, you can find me dipping my feet into the Puget Sound, eating peaches on top of mountains, or watching a killer Oklahoma sunset.

I’m here because I want to fight the stereotype of glamorous traveling and creativity and reveal it for the raw, real experiences behind the mask.


This digital publication is about all of us, not just me. It’s about the raw experiences of being human. We are about the people who are willing to risk, fail, laugh it off, make mistakes, and pursue. The Unknown Persists is for those who are scared of every step but take it anyway. For the stuck and unstuck, for the comfortable in the uncomfortable.

We're based in Seattle - if you live nearby, feel free to say hello

MY Four Mantras


Give up the idea that you have to travel a certain way or that you have to be the best to create the best. We've given up being perfect and the best a long time ago, join the dysfunctional, messy, beautiful club.


Exhale the fake shit, inhale the real shit. Get uncomfortable in taking risks and don't be afraid to share that discomfort with the world.


Make everything you see, you create, you experience be open-minded and blissful. Let that excitement run through your veins.


Let go and let in. We will be as cheesy as we want with this one - free yourself of worry, doubt, fear and exchange it for empathy, memories, and change.